Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teacher of the Year Award Acceptance Speech (teaching philosophy)

For anyone to be successful in any aspect of life, or just life in general, hard work is almost always involved. Things usually aren’t just handed to people. They have to earn it, and in order to earn it, they have to put forth effort. This has been my philosophy not in only for educating students, but for life. My parents, coaches, teachers, and friends helped to instill this belief in me at a young age. Whether it was for school work, athletics, relationships, or faith, I believed that I had to give my best effort if I ever wanted to be successful, and I still believe that today.
Hard work by itself is not enough though. Along with it comes attitude. Attitude can be the most significant component in every aspect of life. Negative attitudes are accompanied by negative atmospheres and negative results. When people are positive, it makes everyone around them better. I have always emphasized the importance of attitude to my students. I know that not every single one of the students buys into what I’m saying, but just getting through to at least one of them makes it worth it.
Getting through to students can be one of the most difficult obstacles that a teacher faces. I believe that if you, as a teacher, can find any way at all to relate with a student, you can get through to them. I feel that the best way to relate to students is to pay attention to what they’re interested in. That means to get involved in your school. Attend athletic events, school plays, musical concerts, and anything else that your students participate in. Get involved in the community. Get to know residents of the town or city. Get to know parents. Take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. If one student has performed poorly in class for a period of time, think about what might be going on in his or her life. The reason for his or her poor performance might not be a lack of effort, but it may be things that are beyond his or her control, such as a tough family situation. By doing these things, you will open up countless doors that will allow you to better relate to students.
I know that I teach a certain subject, and that should be the focus of what I do in the classroom, but I also believe that, as a teacher, I should help my students develop not only to be better students, but better people. After my students graduate and move on to whatever it is they plan, I hope that I have prepared them to the best of my ability not only academically, but for life in general. When students mature and become good people, it has a positive impact on me, the school, and the entire community.

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